Taking First Pictures Through Talking

A lot of professional photographers say that the key to a successful photo is communication. But we rarely remember about it. All our attention is focused on cameras, lenses and lighting. However, the creation of the best shots depends precisely on the ability to communicate. Sometimes you need some time for a model to become accustomed to the camera. Each person is unique with his own features and the best camera angles which are important to identify. You will be surprised if you note how different photographers shoot the same people. Effective communication with your subject will provide the basis for a good shot.

Use verbal and non-verbal communication. Body language is especially important because it sets the “mood” of the picture. A photographer often mimics the poses he expects to see and shows what to do with the hands, and so on.

As a rule, the first 30 minutes of shooting goes to trial shots in search of better prospects.

Finally, meeting people you are going to shoot, talk to them and ask their names. It’s so simple and so effective. Continue talking with a model during the shooting. To get a natural shot, you’d better shoot in the process of communication. Tell a joke, anecdote, just an interesting story, so that the photo will get a natural expression and your fashion models will surely feel comfortable and relax automatically. As a result, a photo session will go successfully.

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