Tips for Beginner Street Photography

A lot of photographers do not dare to shoot strangers in the street. But street photography can tell us a story with only one frame! Shyness is quite a normal thing, and the tips below will help you to center around the wonderful world of street photography existing in your city or any other places you visit. There are many stories that are to be heard. Grab the camera and go to improvise with the following tips.

Do You Need Permission?

Every country has its own laws and regulations, so find out everything before photographing strangers in the street. In most countries it is legal to photograph people in a public place. However, it will be polite of you to have an approval of the photographed person. Never forget to show the result to the person you have just photographed. Explain what attracted your attention. Everyone loves compliments.

Avoid Tourist Attractions

Surely, parks and alleys are beautiful places for staged photography but to convey the real atmosphere of the city you need to take pictures of the scenes.

Start in the Crowd

It is better to start taking pictures in busy public places such as the street market, parks, zoos, sports ground. You are more invisible in the crowd, and you can easily overcome your fear of stranger photographing. Passers-by are a great solution to start shooting. The best variant is street musicians, so feel free to take pictures of them and the result will meet your expectations. And don’t be stingy to throw a few coins in the hat!

Find a Location for Shooting

Sometimes to find the right moment takes up a few hours. But never forget about the composition too. Background and environment can be a decisive element. Try to find exactly the place where the photos will look best. Be patient, and, ultimately, the right people will pass through your lens.


Silhouettes are an interesting thing of shooting, but only in the case if they are recognizable. There should be no doubt about what is depicted in the photograph. People with umbrellas, bicycles, lovers holding hands are only some of great image silhouettes. Try!

Enjoy the Sun

Often we avoid shooting in direct sunlight being afraid of dense shadows that accompany such coverage. But violation of this rule in street photography can help you make a pretty spectacular pictures.

Color or Black and White Photos?

This is absolutely a personal choice. You can use the pictures in black and white to emphasize the features of it especially expressiveness, but some photos will look better in color, and sometimes the main parts of the image is the color itself.

Stop the Moment

In fact, street is a continuous motion. For a sharp image it’s recommended to apply exposure of 1/400 of a second. To sum up, don’t let anyone tell you what can be considered as street photography or what kind of camera to use. There are no single official rules. Remember that street photography reveals a certain history, emotions. Your camera is an extension of your creative vision. Be patient. Trust your intuition. Get to work and have fun!

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