Tips for Scrapbooking

Scrapbooking is a kind of handicraft. Its main task is keeping and illustrating photos and other unforgettable memorabilia. Here some tips to help you make a bright scrapbook.

– use different stickers, die-cuts, embellishments to design the pages;

– add tickets, maps, certificates and other memorable items to your page;

– make the background composition subdued and not very colorful if the photo has a lot of small details;

– try to pick the background color of the decorative panels not to the interior color scheme but to a dominant color in the photo;

– the outline around the photo or picture should not be too wide, i.e. just add a white thin border;

– the enemy of any scrapbooking composition is too noticeable oversaturation of different elements. It is also desirable to place not too many photos tightly adjacent to each other on one separate album sheet. It is enough to place 2 – 5 photos on one page and decorate the page background of the album beautifully;

– try to maintain a consistent style of the composition;

– the main mistake of any novice master is a desire to place too many different scrapbooking elements in one composition. Laconic and harmonious combination of separate details is the first the novice should learn.

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