3D Drawing on Gravity Tablet

3D printing is among the variety of technological innovations that have appeared recently. They can modernize the world with their wonderful technology sketching any shape and size. All of these 3D reality creations are achieved only when we have a stylus, a computer screen and, most importantly, a 3D-printer. Are we right? It turns out that the answer is no!

A group of students from the Royal College of Art enables engineers to implement their ideas in a sketch in the air without any computer screen or 3D-printers, only with the stylus, the tablet and special glasses.

The students named their creation as Gravity Sketch. This is a 3D laptop that allows you to draw anything you want. In tandem with special video glasses and a stylus in one hand and the tablet in the other hand, you will be able to translate the thoughts on a glass plate using augmented reality technology.

Is it a digital illusion or reality?

The tablet with a combination of all the accessories creates the digital illusion. But in reality, you’re drawing on a 2D graphic tablet. This tablet can also be associated with a variety of display devices including a virtual reality simulator Oculcus Rift.

When the user draws on pure acrylic plate, the device monitors the signals from the field where the stylus comes. Radio signals are transmitted to Arduino plate that is in the black panel attached to the edge of the tablet.

Gravity Sketch has a specific tactic. The user uses the pen in the images even on the tablet front, but with the help of special glasses, he explores his work in 3D-space. The program provides different sets of rules and buttons that allow users to get their drawings tilt at different angles as well as implement the tools and techniques to work with ease and greater precision. Another benefit is a possibility for a few people to work on the Gravity Plate simultaneously.

On the whole, this device is an essential creation for designers to alive their ideas. Are you eager to try it?

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