But with somebody who has as large a following as Reese

Now preparation is key, so they say, however with a round of golf it really does have a lot to do with your mental preparation. I know this from experience I have played many a round of golf where I had no expectations of what to expect as I had been invited at the last minute to play. With this in mind I was just happy to be there, no real warm up apart from a few stretches and off I went, as the round progressed I started to realise I was playing and scoring quite well.

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Hermes Handbags GermanyBayern Munich boss Jupp Heynckes believes Julian Nagelsmann would benefit from staying at Hoffenheim for the time being. Nagelsmann has established himself as one of the brightest managerial prospects in Europe after leading Hoffenheim to fourth in the Bundesliga last season, and he has been heavily linked with Bayern following Carlo Ancelotti’s sacking. But veteran Heynckes has suggested jumping into such a big job may not be the wisest option for the 30 year old Hermes Handbags.

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